Breakfast was as good as the day before. We cleaned up the place as best as we could and packed up. We did not have much planned for today. We went along as whatever happened. Our first stop turned out be the sugar mill. Bipin was not with us, so I helped out in translation etc. I think by now the group was tired of touring all the industries that some of them were not even walking with us. I had toured a sugar mill before in Saharanpur, but it was still good to see another one. This was also a very big mill. What I had not realized is that the mill is closed for six months in a year for clean up and works six months for sugar production. So the mill workers have a seasonal job.

From there we went for lunch at the most wonderful place – Red Chilles. It had a mix of western/eastern food. Yet again we ordered all sorts of dishes from the menu and shared the food. Behind us was a TV with hindi movie songs playing. Great!

So before we left there were just a few minutes left for last minute shopping, which some of the girls did! They are good in finding stuff to shop.

We left Surat and headed to Mumbai. Another surprise that Bipin had for us, was a stop at a mango grove. It was a little bit off the main road. There were many fruit trees there, mango, “ramphal”, chiku and more. We had some nice coconut water and then walked around. While we were eating the ram phal, we had an impromptu seed spitting contest. I think I won it…

Next was the long drive to Mumbai. The only drawback here was there was no restroom break for 5-6 hours. We were going to Bipin’s sister’s house for our last dinner/snack before heading to the airport. My cousin had called me and was waiting for me there too. The drive back was a little tiring for me since I really had to go (you know where!!). We finally reached and I ran to the bathroom!! My cousin was there and it was great to see her! We caught up on news and gossip.

Bipin’s sister had quite a spread for us. The one item the group enjoyed a lot was mangoes! Wow – who would have thought?! Bipin had a small gift of sweet for all the members. A little something to take back to US. Soon it was time to go to the airport. My cousin came with us, that was really nice! We talked all the way to the airport. Then we said our goodbyes.

That was it. We checked in and then it was all back to routine. Of course I did not anticipate that the entertainment would not be working in the planes, so we all ended up talking, yet again!