This week long trip to India was memorable for many reasons. Most of all it was because I was showing my country to people, some of whom had never even sat on an airplane before! I wanted to make sure that they see all the good and maybe some of the bad of India. Each country has its own good and bad, and India has a lot of both. So I wanted to show that India is as progressive and rich as it can be poverty ridden and challenging.

The other reason I wanted this trip to go well was because I was responsible for planning out the itinary. Bipin (the board of trustee sponsor of the trip) was the most important link between me and the trip. We talked in detail about how we wanted the trip to go and what places to visit. I was very lucky because Bipin had really good connections in India. We were very well taken care of in Bombay and Surat. It was like a dream come true. Everything went exactly as planned, in some cases even better.

So read ahead for the day by day adventures of this wonderful journey.
Day 1: Reaching India, Mumbai, Elephanta Caves
Day 2: Lonavala and Karla Caves
Day 3: Mumbai/Mumbai University, Glucose Biscuit factory, Shopping and Prithvi Theater
Day 4: Mumbai/Mc Donald’s, Inorbit Mall, Haji Ali, Siddhivinaayak and Millenium Mall
Day 5: To Surat/Textile Mill, Diamond Industry, Local Food.
Day 6: Road Trip/Narmada Dam, Kabir Waad
Day 7: To Mumbai/Sugar factory, mango orchard, Mumbai and then to US
My Views about this trip

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