Subharti University is a huge, well-known private university in Uttar Pradesh, India.  The fee structure is a little bit on the expensive end. Its curriculum comes from the likes of BHU (Banaras Hindu University) – so it follows high standards. SU recently got an “A” grade from NAAC, the Indian accrediting agency, which is great for the University. It is a humongous campus with more than 18 colleges: medical, dental, pharmacy, engineering, fine arts, sciences, nursing and so on, and offering degrees - undergraduate to Ph.D. in a number of subject areas. It is a residential university for students, staff and faculty, although it also  has a lot of day scholars (commuter students).

The buildings are huge, each having a personality of their own. There are nice gardens with grass and flowers complimenting each building. There are 2-3 athletic fields for everyone. There is a gym for men and women (with charge, of course). There are many places to eat, canteens, as they are called in India. There is a small, but sufficient market inside where everything from household stuff to fresh produce is available. So really, it’s a little Subharti city in itself. There is even a tailor! Just outside the campus gate is a shopping area for books, clothes etc. I knew of this only later, as I found everything I needed inside the campus. But outside shops have bedding and more household goods.

There are more than 10 hostels each with about 300 student capacity. The hostels vary a lot in their quality. The older ones have small rooms, while the newer ones have large rooms with attached bathrooms, a balcony and most have an AC in each room. There are staff members on duty 24-7. There are apartment like units for married couples as well. Hostels have a mess (cafeteria) and they all also have their own canteen (during night times).

Subharti also provides transportation, at a cost, to faculty and students, from certain pick up locations within and outside Meerut. One can also rent a car from the transport department there in order to go within the city or out of the city (I never used it).

The university is out of the city, on Delhi bypass so there is a lot of traffic just outside of campus.  A number of intercity buses pass through, which one can use, if one can stop them! Meerut city bus definitely stops there.

So all in all, it’s a great university with a great location. And I am grateful to have the opportunity to spend some time here and experience teaching in India. What I am writing is as objective as I can get. I have no attachment to USA or India – I am just comparing my two environments. On the other hand - I could compare my own college in India, RG and JV Jain colleges, where I did my BSc and MSc to this one, but that would be another blog.

I was nervous about teaching in India. How will the students be? Will they listen to me? Will I be able to communicate properly? Will it be in English or Hindi? What will I be teaching? So many questions….